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Your Transformation journey ...

During the Strategy Phase we help you clearly define your Business Requirements and Performance Measures. We also ensure all stakeholders have clearly understood and have aligned with how future growth, profitability and competitive advantage will be enabled.

We will achieve this by defining a Future Scenario Map, Strategy Map, Technology Enabled Future State Business Model and a Balanced Scorecard for your Organisation.

During the Design and Enablement Phase we use the inputs from the Strategy Phase to draw out a Transformation Roadmap which will contain a list of Initiatives with Priorities, Activities, Timelines, Owners, and Budgets. A PMO and Change Management Organisation will be set up for tight monitoring of these initiatives including a measurement of business benefits accrued.

During the Execution Phase, we will provide the expertise and oversight to ensure a successful implementation of the Transformation Roadmap. This will include assistance in the form of  Overall Program Management and Governance, Vendor Evaluation and Selection, Risk Management et all.

During the Sustenance Phase, we will help implement a CIO framework which will provide your IT Department with the necessary guidance to perform their role in an efficient manner.

We will also conduct periodic reviews like Benefit's assessment, Business Process review, Risk Review, Governance and Security Audits etc. This will ensure you stay the course on your Transformation Agenda.

We will also assist you (on demand) when there is a fundamental change in your  organisation which necessitates a relook at the Strategy and requires a subsequent cascading of the change through the Ornganisation.  

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